Whitchurch.org.uk is a leading source for local information and is the town's 'official' website, being owned and managed by the people of the town. The volunteer editors are also interested in cycling which helps!


Hampshire Cycle Training (founded in Whitchurch) offers all kinds of advice relating to riding a bike, from complete beginner and confidence training to route planning and cycle care.
Rides are also occasionally arranged from the town.


Sustrans is a leading charity in providing safe cycle routes, including the National Cycle Network. Route NCN246 comes close to Whitchurch. The Whitchurch Jubilee Route uses much of the NCN.


Cycling UK (previously CTC), the national cycling charity, provides a whole range of services including legal advice and insurance. Members receive an excellent magazine too.


Space For Cycling is as it says on the tin - all about Space not Conflict when making a journey. Lots of useful links here too.


REGULAR RIDES in and Around Whitchurch

For information on cycle rides of all types within Whitchurch see the Regular Rides Page HERE

More about Whitchurch..

Whitchurch is believed to be the only town in England without traffic lights!

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Site committed to the promotion of and enjoyment of cycling in north Hampshire.


Dedicated to my parents and family who introduced me to cycling which has give me so much pleasure and happy memories over the years.

"Whoever invented the bicycle deserves the thanks of humanity."

Lord Charles Beresford



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