CYCLING IS VERY SOCIABLE. Many people meet up and go out for rides on an ad hoc basis, as friends or family groups; for leisure, sport or fitness, and simply for fun.

For arranging a local ride it may be worth asking on the Town Website or the Whitchurch
Facebook page.

At the time of writing the following rides are known about:

Various days & weekends mornings and afternoons

Whitchurch Social Cycling
rides are organised at various times which cater for everyone and anyone who wishes just to have a short gentle potter of an hour or so, usually including a tea and cake stop.
For details just send an email to Whitchurch Social Cycling.

'Introduction to Cycling' sessions
... are arranged throughout the week for anyone wishing to improve their riding skills - families, children or adults. Professional instruction and advice including cycle proficiency, adult road cycle skills and even training for complete beginners is available in Whitchurch on most days. Contact Hampshire Cycle Training.
Informal rides
are regularly arranged in Whitchurch, especially if the sun is shining. Place a note on the Whitchurch Cycling Facebook or the town's Facebook page to see if anyone is arranging something.

Sunday mornings

Local riders meet at 8.00am at the Town Hall for friendly informal social rides. Usually around 30 – 40 gentle miles with a sociable stop for coffee/tea and cake. All welcome – this is not a 'club' ride, just people enjoying their bikes.

For those looking for faster 'Club-style' rides,
Andover Wheelers organise rides for various levels. These start just along the road in, yes you have guessed, Andover.
North Hants Bikes sometimes hold rides, mainly for training and fitness.
Contact them through Facebook: North Hants Bikes.
Whitchurch is often a tea/coffee stop for other groups and it is often possible to join in for part of a ride.

Monday afternoons

Bike Club at the Primary School with sessions on cycle control, safety, and even an introduction to sports cycling if required.

Thursday evenings

Meet at 8.00pm for a friendly social ride of around 20 miles with a pub stop. Enjoy the company, the camaraderie and cycling in the local lanes.

Various evenings

MTB and road rides - contact the friendly North Hants Bikes for details.
They may also know of other rides being held too, especially to events such as cycle-sportives and other 'challenge' type events.

Friday mornings

A small ladies only group has started up for very short gentle occasional rides, lasting around 45 minutes or so, ending with a coffee.

* Note that for the informal local rides, they are run wholly on an casual basis – just friends going out for a spin.

More for the Sporty types

The main cycling clubs for sporting/racing/challenge activities are in the surrounding towns; such as Andover Wheelers, North Hampshire Road Club (Basingstoke), Newbury Road Club, VC Venta (Winchester) and several others. These Clubs are all affiliated to the main national cycling bodies.
For Strava lovers: Andover Wheelers has a very active Strava Group which has Whitchurch-based riders. who are often near the top!

CTC the national cycling charity also run rides in the area and occasional Sustrans meets are held.



A little bit more...

In 1888, the Star newspaper reported:

Whitchurch is in Hampshire. People who live IN it call it a town. People who live OUT of it call it a village. It is about as big as a good-sized pocket handkerchief. It has three shops and 19 public houses.

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