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Site committed to the promotion of and enjoyment of cycling in north Hampshire.


Dedicated to my parents and family who introduced me to cycling which has give me so much pleasure and happy memories over the years.

Jubilee Route

This route was been produced to commemorate Her Majesty The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

25 easy miles using country lanes and cycle routes and linking into part of the National Cycle Network Route NCN246, it passes through quaint villages with pubs and shops, thatched cottages, playgrounds and accommodation. It starts at the historic town of Whitchurch with its Silk Mill and visits the larger market town of Andover where it uses cycle paths and the Sprat and Winkle railway path with poems and sayings along the way.

NCN246signsm Note: Ensure you follow the Blue and Red National Cycle Network signs along the section of the route from St Mary Bourne through Andover to Fullerton (or vice versa). It is Route NCN 246 and is mainly path and off road through Andover.
Although the rest of the route is presently unsigned it should be easy to follow using the map.

Keep a look out for Jubilee Memorials as you enjoy the ride - seats, lamps, signs. How many can you find?
For a day out, a Jubilee TrailPoints activity is being developed where you can collect a special Certificate of Completion for visiting the various locations.

Where to Eat, Drink and get Cycle Support [ on the Route ]

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Where to Eat, Drink and get Cycle Support [
on the Route ]

Whitchurch info...

Lord Denning, the famous Master of the Rolls was born in and lived in Whitchurch as well as many other famous people.

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Vacation 2005
25 mile easy cycle ride
Vacation 2005